Friday, March 13, 2009

God despises lie

Once St. Jacob of Nezeby set out to go to a nearby town. Three poor men who saw him coming decided to deceive him hoping to extract something from him. One of them pretended to be dead. When St. Jacob approached them, the two men pointing at their pseudo dead friend began asking for money to bury him. St. Jacob gave them as much as he could and having prayed for the departed continued on his journey. Seeing that the Elder has gone far away, the beggars asked their "dead" friend to get up.  But the friend did not get up. When they looked closely and saw their friend indeed dead, they were afraid and ran after St. Jacob. Having reached him,  they told him the whole truth asking for forgiveness. Holy Elder was merciful; he came back to the dead man, raised him from the dead by his prayer and suggested not to joke like this again.  

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